Charmi Peña Photography

My Family

At CES in 2019, I was able to speak at Nikon Theater about something really close to my heart. There were some years that because I was working so hard, I let our family photos fall by the wayside. I may have still shot them, but they lay uselessly in raw form under my bed on a hard drive, unloved, untouched.

Last year, I decided to start organizing those photos. While some of these have always been editing and given attention, they were rare exception to the rule. In the last year I’ve been careful to give our home photos as much attention as I do work.

Everything is organized, accessible but MOST importantly, everything is PRINTED now. On my walls, into albums/yearbooks, on desks and anywhere I can find an excuse to display them that is NOT under my bed!

Enjoy a little taste of what our family has been up to for the last few years. And make sure you’re printing YOUR family photos. Or just call me and I’ll shoot and print them for you!