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I will often talk about all the services and products I LOVE - but not every talk allows for Q&A or enough time to make sure every catches all the great resources I use. Below are things I *love*. Some are affiliate links, some have discount codes - some don't know I even use them or care - but I use each of these for a reason.

For your financial options, please speak to a financial advisor or accountant!! I can only tell you what I do personally, but what is right for you may be different!

CRM: Tave

I use Tave as my base for organizing all client information/contracts, automating things like social media handles the morning of a wedding, payment reminders for clients, and so so much more.

Code Charmander will get you 50% off a monthly plan for the first year for new users. Also 50% off of pro services to assist with account setup and data migration!

Website: Good Gallery

Good Gallery is awesome

Code CHARMI will save you $49 off your Startup Fee.

Lab: Millers

From prints to albums, Millers is my go to printing solution! When I held my surprise album sale, Millers made those sales easy and turnaround quick.

Backup drives:

My current go to setup includes 1 Sandisk SSD, 2 Samsung SSDs, and a Synology set up. Redundancy is key!

Life insurance: Prudential

As a small business owner, if something were to happen to me, my family would be left with not only a hole in their income but potential outstanding projects/contracts unfulfilled to manage. I choose to carry a term life policy to protect my family if that were to happen.

Saving: Acorns

Acorns isn't the main way that I save money - but it was one of the first and easiest ways that I started. It takes the change essentially from your credit card purchases and invests that money for you. Better than a piggy bank!